Building architects design commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and recreational buildings and plan and monitor their construction, maintenance and rehabilitation (ILO, 2018).



Architects, Planners, Surveyors and Designers

Architects, planners, surveyors and designers plan and design landscapes, building exteriors and interiors, products for manufacture, and visual and audiovisual content for the communication of information. They conduct survey work to precisely position geographical features; design, prepare and revise maps; and develop and implement plans and policies for controlling the use of land (ILO, 2018).

  • Building Architects
  • Landscape Architects
  • Product and Garment Designers
  • Town and Traffic Planners
  • Cartographers and Surveyors
  • Graphic and Multimedia Designers
  • Interior architect

Background Information

Given that games, and paintings were some of the first uses for computers it should come as no surprise that with the advent and popularization of the internet and powerful mobile devices came online interfaces that allow people to visualize their own homes and pet-projects. Architects use Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Narrow Intelligence to augment parts of the work especially connected to research. These efficiencies come for the ‘information fabric’ or social interactions in the community or environmental coherence or security concerns to the design site in order to make the design as functional as possible and optimize its integration to the environment (Hannah, 2017).

As is noted before since AI has matured from the gaming industry, using enhanced client engagement with 3D models or simulations for prospective clients in order to experience the proposed design in a much more comprehensive manner  (Hannah, 2017) (Gaget, 2017)

One of the prospective technologies that are fast reaching maturity is the 3D Printing, which is graduating from models and simulations to actual physical buildings thus changing the nature of construction. 

One of the futuristic developments would be to integrate AI technologies in the house design or even design these houses around the functionality of AI. These could range from the integration of IoT (Internet of Things) to maximizing the impact of interconnected devices and AI to optimize build environment. 

Case Examples

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