Travel consultants and clerks provide information about travel destinations, arrange travel itineraries
, obtain travel and accommodation reservations and register passengers at check-in and departure (ILO, 2018).



Client Information Workers

Client information workers provide or obtain information in person, by telephone or electronic means such as email in connection with making travel arrangements, describing the products or services of an organization, registering and greeting guests and visitors, making appointments, connecting telephone calls and collecting information from survey respondents or applicants for services (ILO, 2018)y.

  • Travel Consultants and Clerks
  • Contact Centre Information Clerks
  • Telephone Switchboard Operators
  • Hotel Receptionists
  • Inquiry Clerks
  • Receptionists (general)
  • Airline ticket agent
  • Check-in attendant
  • Ticket issuing clerk
  • Tourism information clerk
  • Travel agency clerk
  • Travel consultant
  • Travel desk clerk

Background Information

Travel clerks are already largely being replaced by automated multiplatform, transactional software (bridging the gap between costumers and air companies/hotels/car rentals etc.), and the profession has been decreasing rapidly at the same as air travel is has increased rapidly (Occupational Outlook Handbook , 2018). Consumers, especially millennials, move effortlessly between mobile and wearable devices to research travel options, book room and board, check-in to hotels and flights, and reserve cars or restaurants throughout their stay.

The second phase of that automation trend will be knowledge based, able to provide the costumer with a tailored proposal for the whole trip based on a plethora of variables such as weather, tourist trends, crime statistics etc. based on the ubiquitous Watson Ai by IBM (The Vital Edge, 2014).


AgencyAuto is platform that provides agencies an AI tool which incorporates multiple travel platforms like air, bus, train, car, hotel, forex and visa in tandem with a full ERP (Enterprize Resource Management) 

AgencyAuto Website 

Wayblazer is a travel recommendation engine that integrates the whole of the travel experience and produce complete intel based on relevant media and reviews. The software continually learns from the client’s preferences, customizes its suggestions and can assist you discover what you want to experience through discussion that feels natural.

In some airports in Europe, travel clerks at check-in desks are also being replaced by self-service kiosks. The passengers can scan their passport, print their boarding passes, weigh their baggage, print tags for their bags and place their own luggage on the belt on their own. This fully automated service is already available through Ryanair and Aer Lingus in Dublin airport.

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