Translators, interpreters and other linguists translate or interpret from one language into another and study the origin, development and structure of languages (ILO, 2018).



Authors, Journalists and Linguists

Authors, journalists and linguists conceive and create literary works; interpret and communicate news and public affairs through the media; and translate or interpret from one language into another (ILO, 2018).

  • Authors and Related Writers
  • Journalists
  • Translators, Interpreters and Other Linguists
  • Interpreter
  • Philologist
  • Subtitler
  • Lexicographer
  • Translator-reviser

Background Information

Online content is flooding the internet these days and this increases the demand for immediate, affordable and quality translators. In 2017 translation was “ of the most in-demand service..” (information age , 2018)

And because there aren’t enough human translators around to cope with this growth, machine translation is growing too. Many translators are now seeing machine translation as a productivity tool (with post-editing), rather than something that could replace them.

However, the machine translation post-editing is a growing market too. It makes sense for certain types of text and could prove to be quite lucrative.

Nowadays, there is a worldwide technology, which tries to replace the human interpreters, for example the Google Translator. But other technologies emerge on daily basis and try to challenge the knowledge of humans and to be so good, that the original meaning of translated words is ensured.

Case examples

Case Example 1
Case Example 2
Case Example 3
Case Example 4
Case Example 5
Case Example 6
Case Example 1

Google translates more words in 1 minute than all human translators in one year.

Tests show that when translating Spanish to English, Google Translate scored 3.6 in an accuracy test. 6 is the perfect translation while 0 is equal to “total nonsense.” Google’s new translation tool (Google Neural Machine Translation system) scored a 5 in the test, while human translators rate in around 5.1.

Case Example 2

With the Babylon tool, people can write emails in English, but the recipient will receive them in their appropriate language. The user only designates, which language belongs to which contact. This also works for the entire Microsoft Office Suite, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint, along with Mac applications.

Case Example 3

Watson AI ıs an automated translating software for legal, academic and financial documents that offers “professional interpretation” at affordable prices

Case Example 4

Microsoft Translator is a powerful tool with multiple capacities and can operate in multiple platforms like in community, social networks and gaming, as customer support, as a live speech translation, for web localization or ecommerce, for business intelligence (translating foreign websites), for internal communications, for training and for subtitling of presentations or educational classes in real time.

Microsoft Translator

Case Example 5

Skype Translator offers real time translation to help people communicate more clearly in foreign languages. The voice translator currently works in 8 languages, and the text translator is available in more than 50 languages for instant messaging. The translator has the potential to break down language barriers and bring people together. It will give people a chance to communicate without knowing the other language and without the need of interpreters.

Case Example 6

Voicetra is a speech translation app that translates user speech into different languages. With an easy-to-use interface, user can also check whether the translation is correct.
Mymanu Clik smart earbuds are special small earbuds able to translate languages in real time. Users need Mymanu Companion Smartphone App and when they download language packs, which contain 37 different languages, they will be able to choose a language they want to hear and the buds automatically detect the language, which is being spoken. Earbuds don’t require any data connection.


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