Contact centre salespersons contact existing and prospective customers, using the telephone or other electronic communications media, to promote goods and services, obtain sales and arrange sales visits.
They may work from a customer contact centre or from non-centralised premises.



Other Sales Workers

Other sales workers display, demonstrate, display and sell goods, food and services, usually to the general public, in contexts other than sales in markets, streets and shops.  This group includes sales workers not classified in Minor Groups 521: Street and Market Salespersons, 522: Shop Salespersons and 523: Cashiers and Ticket Clerks.

  • Sales Demonstrators
  • Contact Centre Salespersons
  • Call centre salesperson 
  • Customer contact centre salesperson 
  • Internet salesperson

Background Information

While screen texts are in use for many years now, a new way has been on the rise is based on so called “soundboard-assisted calls” “voice conversation” technologies or generally “agent-assisted automation technology”. 

The way the technology works is that there are a number of pre-recorded sound clips that are recorded in perfect language and the human is there to direct the conversation based on the outcome of each response. The software is advanced enough to have multiple responses to one question and can move seamlessly between pre-recordings and live conversations and the end result will still feel “natural speech” (The Atlantic, 2013). This technologies allow telemarketing companies to move to where they can find the lowest labour costs countries to base their operations as the language barrier is less important, hence the growth of the profession both in terms of employment as well as income will probably stagnate.


Semi-autonomous telemarketing (or “cyborg telemarketing”) artfully combines men and machines. There is a human, who functions as ears and hands and pushes respective buttons as a response to the customer’s query. All the audio is pre-recorded and it’s triggered live in response to what a call receiver says. In some cases, a single call-center worker will run two or even three calls at the same time.

The company offers the most advanced solutions in all areas offered by different call centers, including sales agents. Avatars have replaced the work of call agents. The advantage of working with avatars is to reduce errors, reduce the risks of issuing confidential information outward, emotional reactions, speed, and efficiency.

Avatars function also as contact persons at Employment services or as virtual tax assistants. They are available every day of the week, 24 hours a day and are able to answer general questions relating to their field.

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