Technical writers turn complex, technical information into clear and simple language that is easy for either tech professionals or the general public to understand.
They compose a variety of documents, such as software manuals, training and user manuals, FAQs, white papers, case studies, business proposals, operating procedures, product descriptions, press releases, assembly instructions, online customer service guides and technical reports. Technical writers often specialize in one field, such as software reporting or medical writing (ILO, 2018) (Digital Media Production, 2015).



Authors, Journalists and Linguists

Authors, journalists and linguists conceive and create literary works; interpret and communicate news and public affairs through the media; and translate or interpret from one language into another (ILO, 2018).

  • Authors and Related Writers
  • Journalists
  • Translators, Interpreters and Other Linguists
  • Technical Author and Communicator
  • Content Developer and Designer
  • Information Developer
  • Information Architect, Engineer or Designer
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Documentation Manager
  • Text Engineer

Background Information

Technical Writers are a very specialized branch of technical communication usually having to engage with all aspects of creating a compact, coherent and comprehensive document which would be user friendly. Due to the fact that it is a highly creative and interconnecting endeavour where it combines, interviews, technical understanding, content creation, graphic design and complex formatting, this occupation has not seen any significant content development substitution  (Digital Media Production, 2015). 

The current technologies (all-in-one solutions, cloud based, automated graphic and content adaptation for multiple devices)  (Hlova, 2017), have skyrocketed the efficiency and productivity of the technical writers thus potentially undercutting there growth potential. 


Confluence is a platform for technical writing. It is possible to collaboratively plan, author, track changes, organize and structure, restrict editing, and publish technical documentation.

Experts in the field anticipate that these jobs will be taken over software programmes that will be cloud based and so will be accessed by several employers at once – drastically reducing the demand for technical writers.


RoboHelper is Adobe’s technical communication toolkit that allows creators of help systems, policies and procedures etc., to author and publish a number of different functions when creating content for multiple devices (Adobe RoboHelp Beginner Training, 2018) (Weelden, 2014)

At present, Narrative Science’s technology is used by media outlets, including Forbes, to produce automated articles, including those in sports, business, and politics. The Narrative Science technology can also produce reports for both internal and external audiences across different industries. The software can collect data from sources including databases, financial and sales reporting systems, web sites, and social media. It then analyses the data to understand the most important content and then writes a document.

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