Statistical, finance and insurance clerks obtain, compile and compute statistical or actuarial data or perform actuarial tasks relating to the transactions of insurance establishments, banks and other financial establishments (ILO, 2018).


Professional Group characteristics and similar occupations

Numerical Clerks

Numerical clerks obtain, compile and compute accounting, bookkeeping, statistical, financial and other numerical data, and take charge of cash transactions incidental to business matters (ILO, 2018).

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Clerks
  • Payroll Clerks
  • Actuarial clerk
  • Brokerage clerk
  • Finance clerk
  • Insurance clerk
  • Mortgage clerk


Financial investment portals, websites that search and provide the cheapest insurance products on the market and statistical reports available for large public on internet, are only some of the possibilities available today directly, with no need of mediation. Yet not everything that is published on the web is the result of automated algorithm. Financial and insurance clerks should become less “clerk” and more “consultant”: i.e. they should improve their technical skills, in order to give their clients professional suggestions and visions that an algorithm is not able to give. 


Calling itself an “insurance¬ robo-¬advisor,” Clark’s iOS and Android apps let manage and purchase various insurance products. Specifically, it uses algorithms to analyse the customer’s current insurance situation and automatically proposes opportunities to improve coverage or the deal the customer is currently on.

There are many platforms that give the opportunity to trade online, such as Plus500, eToro, 24Option, etc and that require no specific skills to operate.

H20 is an open source Artificial Intelligence that has revolutionized the field of risk valuation by insurance companies, from the old system  (experience, static data, ex post analysis, fraud), the AI age, founded on a plethora of robust background of data analysis, real time prediction and response 

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