Shop sales assistants sell a range of goods and services directly to the public or on behalf of retail and wholesale establishments , and explain the functions and qualities of these good and services (ILO, 2018).


Professional Group characteristics and similar occupations

Shop Salespersons
Shop salespersons sell a range of goods and services directly to the public or on behalf of retail and wholesale establishments. They explain the functions and qualities of these goods and services, and may operate small shops or supervise the activities of shop sales assistants and cashiers (ILO, 2018).

  • Shopkeepers
  • Shop Supervisors
  • Shop Sales Assistants
  • (retail establishment)
  • Salesperson (wholesale establishment)

Background information

While a good sale assistant is an invaluable contribution to retail shopping, with the migration of a large portion of the consuming public in the web the growth of this occupation was stifled, poised to increase at a measly 2% in the US (Occupational Outlook Handbook , 2018). 

AI Sale assistants, essentially chatbots using natural language, predictive analytics, access to personalized data and its ability to learn is touted to become the next big thing in online retail, although it still hasn’t seen the exponential benefits its advocates were promising, so far (FT, 2016) . However, big retails do not yet see an adequate Return on Investment to fully adopt the new technologies like chatbots, robot assistants etc. The future adoption will be based on the success of implemented technologies by  online retailers i.e. amazon (Tech Emergence, 2018).


Beauty retailer Sephora has enlisted the help of an AI sales assistant, chatbot, through online platforms Snapchat and kik by starting conversations with costumers, providing tips and giving sale proposals to people. 

Sephora Launches Chatbot On Messaging App Kik


Saturn, a well-known electronics store chain, has launched Saturn Holotour in Germany, an initiative that will allow customers to touch one of the most innovative hi-tech devices in recent years, Microsoft Hololens. It is called Paula and to visualize it Hololens must be worn: the flying robot will accompany customers in the departments of the shop, will arrive near the products and it will show the main technical characteristics.

A new tool allows clients to try dresses and be able to watch at themselves from behind. A “smart” mirror has a delayed video camera that records people mirrored on the screen. It is also able to suggest fitting accessories like belts or shoes. If an item doesn’t fit or the color isn’t right, the customer taps the mirror, which triggers a request on store clerks’ mobile devices. Magic Mirror also allows shoppers to take a photo of each of the clothes they have tried and compare the photos side by side.

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