Elementary Worker.  For instance, the group includes those who issue and collect parking or admission tickets , provide personal items to patrons or customers in cloakrooms, and assist patrons at entertainment events (ILO, 2018)



Other Elementary Workers

Other elementary workers deliver and carry messages and packages; perform a variety of simple maintenance and repair tasks; collect money and stock vending machines; read meters; collect water and firewood; and collect and issue tickets for parking or events(ILO, 2018).

  • Parking attendant
  • Parking valet
  • Cloakroom attendant
  • Ticket collector 
  • Usher
  • Messengers, Package Deliverers and Luggage Porters
  • Odd-job Persons
  • Meter Readers and Vending-machine Collectors
  • Water and Firewood Collectors
  • Elementary Workers Not Elsewhere Classified

Background Information

Sensors that allow intelligent signalling free or occupied parking spaces are already a reality. Car parks in commercial areas and airports are examples of sites that already use this technology to improve the quality of the provided service both in waiting time and cost of parking. The sensors signal the free parking spaces in both in covered and uncovered areas; they allow to inform the driver where the nearest spot is. In addition to these sensors, parks usually have automatic payment that does not require any interaction with the staff.

More recently, advanced systems in autonomous cars communicate with the sensors of parking infrastructure letting cars drive themselves into a parking garage without any human intervention. An example of this technology is the autonomous parking system at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Mainstream cars are also being equipped with self-parking capabilities. 

In Japan fully automated parks with robots that drive the cars to the parking places are becoming a reality.


Stan, a robot produced by Stanley Robotics, has the ability to park a car to the parking place and leave it there locked. Later, Stan can be called again to retrieve the car to its owner. This technology is now available at Charles de Gaulle Airport – Paris (Stanley-robotics, 2018)

In Japan there are underground car parks where robots park vehicles in just seconds. Developed by Giken Ltd. and called Eco Park, this is an automated car storage. The park covers an area of only 20m x 20 m, uses a rotary elevator to carry and store the cars automatically. The loading and unloading of cars are controlled by a computer. The users of this service have access to a magnetic card which allows them to enter a loading cabin and simply follow instructions.

According to Giken, construction costs and operating costs are very low because very little human labor is used. (GIKEN LTD. , 2018)

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