Painters and related workers prepare surfaces of buildings and other structures for painting, apply protective and decorative coats of paint or similar materials
, or inner cover walls and ceilings of buildings with wallpaper or other finishes (ILO, 2018).



Painters, Building Structure Cleaners and Related Trades Workers

Painters, building structure cleaners and related trades workers prepare surfaces and apply paint and similar materials to buildings and other structures, vehicles or various manufactured articles. They cover interior walls and ceilings with wallpaper, and clean chimneys and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures (ILO, 2018)

  • Painters and Related Workers
  • Spray Painters and Varnishers
  • Building Structure Cleaners
  • Building painter
  • Paperhanger

Background Information

Robots used in the auto industry have been adopted as early as the 1970s as the apply paint evenly and consistently without the toxic hazard. 

Remote operating robots were developed to paint and clean tall buildings. These robots deliver a very efficient service and avoid to put the life of workers at risk. In addition to external surfaces, there are already technologies that paint walls inside the buildings faster than human workers.

Drones are also being used to perform painting and cleaning of buildings. They are considered faster and more effective to reach difficult surfaces. 


OutoBot is a robot created by engineers from the Nanyang Technological University – Singapore. This robot performs maintenance tasks on external areas of the buildings, including cleaning and painting.

The cleaning of the buildings is performed using water jets; the painting is done through layers of ink. Cleaning and painting is done in successive passages carried out until the defined quality parameters are reached. A robotic arm performs these tasks with the aid of a camera. The camera verifies the areas at each passage and the images are analysed to produce the decision of continuing or stopping the task.

The robot’s creators claim that the tasks are done more accurately, with clear paint savings and less waste.

OutoBot, an innovative robot to wash and paint high-rise buildings

Worker Bee, of Apellix, is a drone prototype able to paint surfaces with spray paint that can reach up to three floors. It is connected by a rope to a base that is equipped with a software controlling electric power as well as cleaning supplies and spray paint.

The workers that traditionally used to perform these tasks must now develop the skills required to operate the drone.

RobotWorx integrates robots for coating in various industries by building custom made work areas based on  various industries requirements.


Paint Robots

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