Metal processing plant operators monitor, operate, adjust and maintain single-function process machinery and equipment to process and convert mineral ores and refine, harden, roll and extrude metals (ILO, 2018).



Metal processing and finishing plant operators monitor and operate single-function process control machinery and equipment to control the conversion, processing and finishing of mineral ores and metals (ILO, 2018).

  • Ladle pourer
  • Metal extrusion plant operator
  • Metal heat treating operator
  • Steel roller

Background Information

The steel industry used to be a hallmark of big jobs for ages but Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are changing this reality. A productivity and responsiveness to the needs of the customers by making it possible for the steel plants to quickly and easily modify and adjust production processes. As a result, the steel plants can generate a greater diversity of products from the production processes. Still, there is needed some involvement of the human operators in supervisory or monitoring roles.


Primetals Technologies provides aautomation systems that support streamline production, resulting in highest product quality. A new interface analyzes and optimizes processes and applications. While flexibility and the limitation wasted resources  is a near impossible proposition in traditional steel mills, automated mills can change output, characteristics or any number of variables with the flick of a switch.  This is somewhat difficult, and often prohibitively expensive to do while using conventional technologies during the manufacturing processes

Plant Process Automations

ABB is the world’s largest provider of control automation systems. They provide platforms that enable complete automation solution from melt shop to processing lines. They for example supplied an automated casting line or industrial robots to operate pressure and metering equipment in the final casting process.

Metallurgical process control, metal manufacturing automation and optimization

The  traditional steel making town of Donawitz in Austria and was a host of the largest steel mill in Europe in the early 20th century. 2017 has seen the opening of yet another rolling mill (creation of wires), except this mill has encorporated the lights out manufacturing approach (does not require large labor inputs). It only employ 14 pesonnel, using the most recent automation systems to produce half a million tons of wire a year. 

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