Mail carriers and sorting clerks perform sorting, recording, delivery and other duties in connection with mail services
from post offices or related organizations, as well as from or within an establishment (ILO, 2018).



Other Clerical Support Workers

Other clerical support workers sort and deliver mail, file documents, prepare information for processing, maintain personnel records, check material for consistency with original source material, assist persons who cannot read or write, and perform various other specialized clerical duties (ILO, 2018).

  • Library Clerks
  • Sorting Clerks
  • Filing and Copying Clerks
  • Post carrier
  • Postman/woman

Background Information

The number of letters and documents that used to be sent by ordinary mail has been considerably reduced by e-mail and web services. Yet the numbers of deliveries of goods is getting larger due to e-commerce.

A number of technologies has allowed great automation in this area. Chief among them, the introduction and rapid sophistication of stability, power, security and identification technologies of the drone (The Washington Post , 2018).  Several companies, beginning with Amazon have been making huge strides and some countries’ national post offices have been experimenting with this.   (recode, 2016) (The Guardian, 2015). Another very simple automation is the client’s ability (personal or business) to essentially do the work of front desk mail career in the comfort of their own home by printing stamps, weighing and packing in a very simple process. 



Stamps is an online postage service that allows users to buy and calculate exact postage, print postage and mail the items you need in a very simple process.

Stamps Website

One particularly interesting innovation is self-service Packstations. These kiosks allow customers to ship packages as well as print postage. Packstations also provide 24-hour access for parcel pickup. Customers can register to receive their packages at any packstation in the country. When the package arrives, the recipient receives an e-mail or text message.

These self-service kiosks are typically placed in Post Office lobbies to provide customers with a convenient alternative to the full-service counter.  They offer customers a wide range of postal products, services, and information. For example, the Post of Slovenia has closed small and unprofitable units in recent years and replaced them by the self-service kiosks.

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