Bank tellers and related clerks deal directly with clients of banks or post offices in connection with receiving, changing and paying out money, or providing mail services ​  (ILO, 2018).



Tellers, Money Collectors and Related Clerks

Tellers, money collectors and related clerks perform money-handling operations in establishments relating to banking, postal services, betting or gambling, pawning and debt collecting (ILO, 2018).

  • Bank Tellers and Related Clerks
  • Bookmakers, Croupiers and Related Gaming Workers
  • Pawnbrokers and Money-lenders
  • Debt Collectors and Related Workers
  • Post office counter clerk
  • Money changer
  • Bank teller

Background Information

The banking industry is experiencing a seismic shift of changes and these changes will definitely have an effect on employment (Recruiter, 2017)

For large financial and mortgage  companies, the improvements derived from automated processes will effectively lower errors, human bias and fraud risks and eliminate inconsistencies in processing, thereby reducing the need for human work hours (Pramuk, 2015; Futurism, 2017). 

With the help of cloud computing and secure online platforms, people can instantly check their credit scores and depending on individual data that can be easily accessed and discussed with a chatbot, an approved loan can be received immediately thus increasing customer satisfaction could rise as a result of instant pre-approval, hassle-free applications, and much faster turnaround (GO Banking Rates, 2016) .

The Bank will also have information about customer’s health status, current employment, paid taxes, or circumstances that alter his creditworthiness (Faggella, 2018).

Moreover, some of the industry’s challenges, including human bias in underwriting loans could also be centrally controlled by automated processes, thus ensuring greater accountability. 

Case Examples

One of Sweden’s biggest banks has recently enrolled a virtual customer service called Amelia, representative that has the access to the clients data, has infinite patience, can track preferences and learning about the clients and is always active. The developers of the software made it sound like a woman based on research that dealing with women provides more comfort to clients. 

Aida at SEB

Nordea Life and Pensions has created a new interface called Nova. This in chatbot will for a time provide basic customer service but has the potential to become the default interface of the company and handle the majority of customer interactions. 

Ask Nova – get a taste of the future

Nova joins the robot revolution at Nordea


Swedbank’s  new interface is in the same vein as its other Swedish counterparts and  has currently been able to solve 78% of initial requests  without requiring costly human customer service personnel.

This adoption will have a significant effect as the Swedbank Group is the leading financial institution in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Nuance Introduce Nina The Virtual Assistant 

JP Morgan Chase & Co. is one of the largest financial organizations in the world with almost a quarter million workforce. The giant bank has “moved to emphasize technology and rely less on human tellers” (Pramuk, 2015). The back operates a program called  COIN or Contract Intelligence which is cloud based to review loan agreements, translating commercial loan agreements and diminish mistakes, while cutting down some 360 thousand hours of paid work to a matter of minutes (Futurism, 2017)

Loandisk is an online loan management system developed for micro finance and lending companies. It is a cloud based loan software that is secure and easy to use. It manages all client loans and savings in one location. It offers possibilities to send messages to the borrowers, to view detailed stats and charts, to download loan statements and reports, to manage expenses and payrolls.

The Credit Risk Management Platform is a robust and scalable software solution for credit risk management. The platform is used by banks, financial service providers, and corporations for assessing and managing credit risks. Core features of the platform include capturing and spreading financial statements as well as a flexible framework for the implementation of internal rating and scoring models.

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