The Online Resource of our project Jobs for Work 4.0 constitutes 50 professions selected to represent most of the occupations in thread of automation. These occupations are based on the latest iteration (2008) of the International Labor Organization’s, International Standard Classification of Occupations that is being used in Europe as the official classification (European Commission, 2013) by ESCO.

This awareness resource has been developed by a 7 country consortium for the European project Work 4.0 (Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Ireland, Slovakia, Italy and Cyprus). The resource contains a sample of an indicative 50 occupations that are in danger from automation and digitization based on the seminal study from Osborn and Frey 2010 and categorized by the International Labor Organization’s Classification of Occupations ISCO-08.

The sample of occupations were chosen based on 4 criteria

• Important occupations in our respective countries’ economies• The outputs of the project’s Intellectual Output 2 (link) on the future of jobs
• Occupations related to technology advancements for which media attention by reputable media organizations have allowed us the confidence to reference them for their potential to revolutionize a particular occupation or market sector
• Examples of active companies that have developed market products and offer them to the market, showcasing the maturity and availability of these technologies