Insurance representatives advise on and sell life, accident, automobile, liability, endowment, fire, marine and other types of insurance to new and established clients (ILO, 2018).  



Sales and Purchasing Agents and Brokers

Sales and purchasing agents and brokers represent companies, governments and other organizations to buy and sell commodities, goods, insurance, shipping and other services to industrial, professional, commercial or other establishments, or act as independent agents to bring together buyers and sellers of commodities and services (ILO, 2018).

  • Commercial Sales Representatives
  • Insurance agent
  • Insurance broker
  • Insurance underwriter


Insurer representatives as well as underwriters usually top the Top Ten List of professions that are likely to be automated. The process for selling insurance is highly automate-able and eligibility criteria can be easily processed by software. 

However, a 2013 survey by the consulting firm Ernst & Young of 100 global insurers showed that, while acknowledging that digitization is very important for an updated customer experience they are sluggish in fully embracing the technology and they cite “…legacy technology…cultural constraints as hindering factors for the adoption of an aggressive digitization strategy (EY, 2013).  The biggest one though is the agent herself. The insurance agent is the respected  human connection with the big scary company in time of extreme stress and is usually a strong part of  the community (Hamn, 2012)

Challenges aside, the increasing number of online insurance companies and platforms that are helping to find the cheapest insurance solution and the commission free prospect of for clients could eventually tip the balance towards automatic insurance platforms (Insurance Journal , 2018). 

case examples

Calling itself an “insurance robo-advisor,” Clark’s iOS and Android apps let manage and purchase various insurance products. Specifically, it uses algorithms to analyse the customer’s current insurance situation and automatically proposes opportunities to improve coverage or the deal the customer is currently on.


Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance, a japanese insurance company, in 2017 replaced 34 human insurers with IBM Watson Explorer. The AI will deal with insurance claims by going through hospital records and other documents to calculate insurance payouts.


AI Might Soon Replace Hedge Fund Managers and Insurance Agents

Japanese white-collar workers are already being replaced by artificial intelligence

Insureon is an online insurance platform for small businesses  for comparing insurance options online based on eligiblity and needs and then provide pricing trends, best options and tips.


Why Insurance Industry Should Embrace, Not Fear, Artificial Intelligence

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