Fast food preparers prepare and cook to order a limited range of foods or beverages that involve simple preparation processes and a small number of ingredients.
They may take orders from customers and serve at counters or tables.



Food Preparation Assistants

Food preparation assistants prepare and cook to order a small variety of pre-cooked food or beverages, clear tables, clean kitchen areas and wash dishes.

  • Fast food cook
  • Hamburger maker
  • Pizza maker
  • Short order cook

Background Information

The connection of food machine to the IoT is creating an incredible number of new possibilities but food preparation assistants are expected to grow as much as the economy until 2026 (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2018) but a number of industry leaders, including the CEO of Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell assert that automation will replace food preparation assistants by the mid-2020s (CNBC, 2017) and a number of other fast food chains have created self-service kiosks (Brookings, 2016). However, the occupations in danger are not in the preparation phase of the food but on the ordering and delivering. In fact technology is not yet complex or mature enough to enter the messy world of the Kitchen on large scale  (Tech Emergence, 2018).  


Waiting for the right moment to reach for the next ingredient, Moley Robotics’s robot-chef moves its arms as if in a shrug. Incorporating two enormous arms and a pair of surprisingly nimble hands, the uncannily anthropomorphic actions are choreographed from movements caught by motion-capture technology. For the producer company Oleynik, the vision is to produce a hi-tech solution to an everyday domestic issue.

The Foodini 3D printer automates  some of the cooking preparation process, by for instance, printing out individual ravioli instead of the cook having to make the dough and fill and assemble each individual piece themselves. The machine looks like a large microwave and inside, there is a set of capsules for the ingredients. The cook puts the ingredient in one capsule, chooses a nozzle size and a design and within two minutes, out comes mashed potato or noodle in an interesting shape.

June is a smart oven which includes an internal camera in its roof connected with iPhone. The oven recognizes the food that are put in and suggests the method (toast, bakes, roast or broil) of cooking and the right time for a perfect cooking. 

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